Semrush vs SimilarWeb – Which is the Best Website Traffic Analysis Tool in 2021?

Semrush vs Simlarweb: Which is the best online marketing tool in 2021?

If you are also confused among these two digital marketing tools then you gonna love our latest comparison guide.

Things that had to be done manually earlier and took massive time as tracking your domain, finding the perfect LSIs, Competitive research, and the most important SEO Tools, now have multiple tool options available.

Recently these two tools indulged in a virtual skirmish based on their same services. Therefore, let’s dive into this article to find the exact synopsis behind Semrush vs SimilarWeb.

Before this, we should understand what these two tools provide for your fundamental understanding. After this article will you’ll be able to choose the one perfect for you.

We will take reviews compilation from the people about the better platform and till the end the one suits it will pop up.

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We’re unbiased, we want to do our best to provide you with the information needed to make an assured decision while choosing between Semrush and Similarweb.

Overview – Semrush & SimilarWeb

What is Semrush?

Semrush is quite an extensive tool that helps you by giving essential information into their digital marketing efforts plus issues of interest to your target clients, Semrush will enable you to obtain important power over a competitor’s website.

Semrush logo

Semrush Review – More Than Just SEO Tool

Vendors can discover probable SEO vulnerabilities using their audit tool. This correction helps reposition a site in the ranking of the search engine.

Semrush is a tool that devotes itself to digital marketing and all those features which SimilarWeb has for competitive analysis.

Till now you must have got the idea about Semrush vs SimilarWeb’s overview and how they drive Google analytics. Let’s dive into it more with extreme comparison.

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What is SimilarWeb?

SimilarWeb is frequently used as a web measuring and competition intelligence tool. With its analytical capabilities, you can keep an eye on your entire business health, analyze opportunities and enhance policy procedures gradually.

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SimilarWeb: Website Traffic – Check and Analyze Any Website

It widens this evaluation to other similar areas, which is cool. To measure your website’s ranking and learn from proven technology, plus fresh growth opportunities, the subsequent espionage procedure brings crucial intelligence.

It contains a lot of features that give you an insight into your traffic analytics and competitor analysis.

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Semrush vs SimilarWeb Comparison 2021

This can be done within a lot of aspects like their keyword research tool, traffic analysis and insights, PPC keyword tool and the list goes on.

But before that please understand the main difference between Similarweb online too and Semrush tool.

Difference Between Semrush vs SimilarWeb

The main difference between Semrush and SimilarWeb is that Semrush offers a complete Traffic Analytics suite for online visibility, SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, and social media whereas SimilarWeb is focused solely on website traffic analysis.

Let’s take each factor one by one and see which one stands out in this list based completely on their key features.

Keyword Research Tool – Semrush vs SimilarWeb Pro

Semrush has a wide range of tools in this category. When you write any content, you hunt for two kinds of organic lists of the keyword.

keyword research tool semrush vs similarweb

1. LSI (Latent Semantic Index) Keywords

These target keywords are those that give you further profitable keywords and by just putting the abundant amount of keywords in your website, you make your website rank higher.

This increases your chances for online visibility if used perfectly with the algorithm of different search engines.

2. Competitor Keyword Research

These can be your plus point while writing your content as you can find out the potential words, your competitor’s website ranks for.

Semrush gives you an option where you need to put your competitor URL and it automatically finds the keyword variations which is responsible for their ranking.

Keyword Magic Tool lets you choose only the winning keywords with your primary keyword. Not just these but long-tail keywords, questions, Phrase match, and many more features enable you to decide your content strategies.

competitor research tool similarweb

SimilarWeb provides many of the features same as Semrush. You may merely enter numerous URLs and see which keywords they are ranking for. You will know their proportion of traffic, locations, etc. They also provide superb filters to support you in showing only the results.

You will get the traffic trend and market share for the general keywords search in SimilarWeb.

Verdict – Which one do we prefer for competition keyword research?

While doing Semrush vs SimilarWeb comparison, there can’t be any second thought for this. Semrush has an extensive tools collection that will boost your organic traffic density.

SimilarWeb is good but doesn’t provide you with that much vastness with an easy search and scrapping method.

3. Mobile Data

Do you know that around half the world’s online traffic accounts for mobile? Mobile (excluding tablets) produced 54.8 percent of the worldwide website traffic in the first quarter of 2021 and has continuously floated about 50 percent since the start of 2017.

Considering this, it is essential to get a report about mobile traffic as well as desktop traffic.

Semrush gives you the option to change the graph based on the desktop and mobile traffic. Traffic source determines your or your competitor’s reach to the web.

mobile data research semrush

SimilarWeb also provides the same feature with its premium plan and from there you can get the exact data as Semrush gives you.

mobile data research similarweb

Verdict – Which one do we prefer for mobile data analysis?

They both show the exact stat one needs according to Google analytics. The whole thing comes under the debate if the user loves a continuous graph with a different color palette indicator or a dedicated graph within a single click.

4. Geographical Coverage

When you own a website, then you want your viewers to come from the whole globe not only from your local region.

For this, you need the data from every region to better indicate your website traffic.

Semrush at first has vast database records of 190 countries. You can filter any country’s data if you want that not to be on the list. You won’t need to pay for each region or anything like that. One plan and there you go.

geographical coverage semrush

At the same time, SimilarWeb doesn’t even have 100 country’s data and you would miss those regions where your content is in high demand.

geographical coverage similarweb

Verdict – Which one do we choose for geographical coverage analysis?

This time I even should not ask for this. Who won’t like to have an extensive database for their research?

Everyone would! So Semrush has a clear plus point in this feature.

5. Popular Pages Traffic

This is the feature only Semrush has and for limited users. This feature was named “Popular pages”.

Semrush Traffic Analytics also provides a Top Pages Report that lists both internal and external visitors to the most frequently visited pages on a website.

popular pages traffic semrush

This way you will have a detailed analysis of that particular website and will be easy to flip the strategy in your favor.

By unique pages, unique visitors, and entries, you may filter this ranking and also look at the sources of traffic.

The crucial part to determine your Audience Insights can take more time manually but with Semrush you will get it at the best.

Verdict – Which one do we choose for popular page traffic analysis?

Semrush. SimilarWeb does not come with this basic feature and when there Is no competition exist then the remaining analytic tools take the whole credit.

6. Traffic Analytics

An overview of Traffic insights about how competitors use their traffic acquisition approach is one of the primary goals of market research and competitive research – to prevent mistakes, enhance your marketing strategy efficiency, and increase ROI.

traffic analysis by semrush

There are two additional streams – mail and display advertisements, among Simlarweb’s traffic sources. All the data are only available on the desktop (You need to buy a mobile data package to get this too onboard). Pass intel already includes the Traffic Analytics tool from Semrush.

traffic analysis by similarweb

In addition, a thorough overview of the most often consulted sites of all rivals is provided by the Traffic Analytics tool.

You’ll get these features in the SimilarWeb too but again you need to buy this feature additionally.

Verdict – Which one do we prefer for traffic analytics?

In this one, It depends. We know that traffic analytics means a lot and Semrush giving you this with a single click. But if you want this feature only to be used and even the sub-features of it then you need to pay at every phase.

But I will recommend Semrush. This will give a better insight into traffic analytics.

7. Category Analysis

Among many features, “Market explorer” is yet another feature. It is a different tool that allows you to view, like the one you input, a list of related sites. These websites belong to the same product and market sites.

SimilarWeb has made this concept very simple on their website and in a perfect grid. You may monitor the performance of the category, traffic shares, industry leaders and measure against these measurements.

Verdict – Which one do we prefer for category analysis?

Though Semrush has taken all the points till now this one feature is perfectly organized by SimilarWeb and they give various information like bounce rate, monthly visits, and many more.

Then this time SimilarWeb took over the credits.

8. Pricing – Semrush vs SimilarWeb Pro

You must be budgeting and struggling with the price range you are investing in multiple SEO tools. But I believe these both tools are fair enough and even more than enough, to make your visuals onboard google analytics. 

Getting started with Semrush, its cheapest pro version starts at $99, which is very budget-friendly for marketing newbies and small in-house teams.

semrush pricing

But if you want to upscale with more features to get better into content marketing, you can take the guru plan subscription within just $191, which is perfect for SMEs, growing agencies, and marketing consultants.

And think what, their highest price reaches up to $375 per month and even this isn’t enough for your team then you may discuss and ask for a custom plan. 

Moving to SimilarWeb, their pricing isn’t based on package variation. Unlike Semrush they ask for the bucks to retrieve data from different regions.

similarweb pricing

And the worst part is you need to buy all the features individually like mobile data, top pages, etc.

Verdict – Which one do we choose considering the price point?

Where in Semrush with a single subscription you can access all the features, on the other hand, SimilarWeb doesn’t define it.

Buying all the features individually can be good for someone who is looking for that particular feature but it seems highly unprofessional. So, it’s a clear win to Semrush in this factor.

9. Audience Insight

Taking data of users and making it more reliable for them is one of the greatest achievements one company can grasp. When you are already used to the target audience’s interest, their demography, region, and preferences. You better alter it for a far great response.

Here comes the tool, Semrush provides to track the audience insight and give you strata of the same.

audience insights semrush

And again SimilarWeb provides this feature at an additional cost. 

audience analytics by similarweb

Verdict – Which one do we prefer for audience insight details?

Semrush has proven its database to be wider with millions of users. So SimilarWeb might have a chance if it can see its ability to provide without critical intelligence.

3 Strong Reasons for choosing Semrush over SimilarWeb

Still not convinced? If you are still thinking after the comparison that which platform will give the highest output on your investment, then let me sum up this with very simple factors.

People take time out to fill the feedback on Semrush vs SimilarWeb reviews and from there you going to get a great structure about comparison in both the platforms.

1. Transparent pricing (and likely to be lower)

Choose from four clear bundles with Semrush. For a clearly defined set of functionality, pay a monthly charge organized by purpose into toolkits. No expense concealed. Anytime cancellation.

But for SimilarWeb, for something like a set of universal functions, pay a monthly or annual charge. Extra expenses for each additional feature. You might overlook certain important features (or acquire those that you don’t need) because you need to select the features you require.

2. For most marketers and online business, Semrush is a preferable choice

It is very evident with the ratings which stand for 9.0 for Semrush and 8.1 for SimilarWeb.

You are likely to get a higher traffic share with the Semrush and also one thing. With Semrush when you find your backlink profiles you can get the idea of either a website with high traffic or less traffic given you this.

3. More exact and up-to-date info. Largest database of keywords

Another reason for considering Semrush can be Quality consumer information from true anonymous users: partnerships, public information, and actual results from Google SERP. 20B keywords access in 142 nations databases. A database containing backlinks of more than 40T.

And with SimilarWeb you are limited to your traffic journey with no website data with less than 50K visitors a month is or is less accurate. Unknown database keyword size. No database backlink.

Video Review – Semrush vs SimilarWeb: 5 Business Benefits Reasons to Choose Semrush

Watch our Semrush vs Similarweb video coverage where we have discussed why you should choose Semrush over Similarweb with five business benefits reasons.

With Semrush, you pay less and get much more.

More data. More features. More effective marketing on all key channels.

You can also check out this study by Semrush where they have shared the top 5 reasons to choose Semrush over Similarweb with feature-by-feature comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions: Semrush vs SimilarWeb

What are the services used by marketers to monitor the online traffic of competitors (similar to US SimilarWeb or Semrush)?

Both SimilarWeb and Semrush are fine, however, it should be worth investing in Semrush for reliable results. Semrush provides marketers and agencies with everything in one marketing solution.

Rank Tracking feature within the Semrush will make it easier for you to keep an eye on any particular domain.

You will receive emails even about the updates.

How much does Semrush cost?

At $ 118.95, $ 229.95, and $ 449.95 per month, Semrush provides THREE pricing options. You get a 17% savings instantly on all three schemes when you pay yearly

Which website analysis tool to choose?

It could make more sense to subscribe to Semrush Traffic Analytics if you are trying to spend your money and time resources more efficiently.

You get more for less in this method. A general Semrush membership may also be added if you need a thorough study of digital marketing channels separate from seeing the larger picture.

And this is one of the many additional choices in your profession based on data.

You can also check our latest comparison guide on Semrush vs Ahrefs by following the link.

Final Verdict for Semrush & SimilarWeb Pro

There are tons of factors where you can do Semrush vs SimilarWeb comparison but it should be noted that the essential is traffic analytics, SEO tools, and how those can be put forwarded in content ranking.

While you review both Semrush and SimilarWeb just keep in mind there are no tools that can guarantee you ranking but they give you general data along with the structure which you can follow to keep forwarding.

If you are seeking to utilize your cash and effort more wisely, it may suffice to pay to Semrush Traffic Analytics.

In technique, you will receive too much for too little. If you require a comprehensive study of digital marketing channels, you may also add a general Semrush membership to your toolset.

On either hand, I strongly believe that contrasted to Semrush, SimilarWeb might not be the best bargain.

Moving to features back, when you try to engage with a massive crowd to be a brand, you going to need higher traffic which consists of social media marketing. Semrush has proven its authenticity in multiple phases.

Even when I first started using Semrush, its Backlink Analytics Tool attracted my attention to the accuracy rate, from then this one feature is a must one for me.

Thus, considering all these factors with the need to rank on a search engine, I will prefer Semrush over SimilarWeb.

Though it has a higher price range, it will worth you more than you can get from the SimilarWeb.

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