How To Do Blog Comments For Backlinks & Quality Traffic in 2021

Do you struggle with blog comment approvals and comment moderation?

Do you want to build some quality backlinks using this amazing SEO off-page technique known as Blog Commenting?

If yes then stick to this guide as I am going to share some practical tips that you can follow which will not only help you get backlinks but also some quality referral traffic to your website.

I am sure you want an example of this, so here it is.

Blog Comment on Backlinko

This comment from not only helped me achieve a quality backlink but also 230 extra visits on my blog post.

And this is a story of just one comment. Now let me tell you more about blog comments and how the process works.

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is an important part of SEO. It can be defined as a simple SEO strategy for creating quality backlinks and referral traffic to your website while sharing your thoughts about the content through your comment on other’s blog posts.

Blog comments are basically interacting with the author using your views, ideas or opinions about a topic. It also helps in networking with the blog owners, attracting referral traffic, and sometimes you can expect business leads.

In simple words, a blog comment is your take on the published content piece. It can be text or video content.

What is the benefits of blog commenting?

Here are some of the great benefits that you can get while doing blog comments for your website.

  1. It helps in brand building.
  2. It helps in networking.
  3. It can give you quality referral traffic.
  4. It helps in SEO rankings.
  5. It helps to increase website DA and credibility.

How Blog Commenting Works in 2021?

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Blog Comments Examples:

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